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Hong Kong Girl Guides Association, The

Address: 8 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon


Campsites & Properties Section
Tel:2332 5523
Fax:2782 6466
Email:[email protected]


Sandilands Centre (141 Wong Nei Chung Gap Road, Hong Kong)
- dormitory, garden and hall
Jockey Club Yuen Long Recreation Centre (Ping Shan Lane, Ping Shan, Yuen Long, New Territories)
- activity room, barbecue area, basketball court, dormitories (family/group) and hall
Pok Hong Campsite (61 Shui Chuen Au Street, Sha Tin, New Territories)
- activity room, barbecue sites, garden, hills, lawn and tenting ground

How To Apply: 

Apply in writing (application forms for specific locations are available upon request) to The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association with information on the location, date, time and description of the scenes. Processing time : 1 month.



PLI Cover: 

Applicants shall effect a third party liability insurance not less than HK$10 million (depending on the risk level) in the joint names of The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association and the company at their own expense, and submit a copy to the Association 2 weeks before the filming.


1) Filming can only take place during 0900 - 1800 hours.
2) Applications are to be considered subject to the decision of The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association.
3) The film shall not be pornographic or in any way controversial, or socially or politically sensitive. No scene of explosion, gunfire, violence, bloodshed or open fires is permitted.
4) Smoking is prohibited on the premises.
5) The film company shall fully reimburse the Hong Kong Girl Guide Association for any damage or breakage to the property caused by filming, and shall fully undertake the legal liability in respect of any bodily injury or property loss or damage to artists or performers or any related persons caused by filming.
6) The name of "The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association" shall not be identified in any way in the film or any publicity, except for a discreet roller credit.
7) Electricity is not provided in any campsites or centers for filming. Furniture and fixtures cannot be removed without prior approval of the Association.
8) The film crew should clean the area after the filming.
9) The film company should comply with the "Rules for Camp Site Users" (Please refer to the Association's website) during shooting. The Association could terminate the shooting if the film company breaks the rule.

Compliments to the government and public bodies that have agreed to consider applications to hire premises or facilities under their management for location filming.