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Housing Authority/ Housing Department

Photo  Application Form 
Address: Housing Department, 33 Fat Kwong Street, Homantin, Kowloon


Corporate & Community Relations Section, Information and Community Relations Sub-division
Tel:2761 7017
Fax:2761 7641


The vacant flats and common areas of the properties of the Housing Authority

How To Apply: 

Send in the application form with information on the location, date, time, main theme and nature of the film, synopsis of the film, detailed script of the particular scene, size of the crew, amount of equipment, use of explosives, modified firearm and blank ammunition and other types of weapon, any need of government personnel and equipment, the anticipated size of crowd, and any indecent scenes or scenes that might cause discomfort to the public. Processing time : 7 working days. Longer processing time may be required for filming on premises subject to the decision of Management Committee or Owners Corporation.


$7,000 (basic charge) for the first 4 hours, $1,770 for each subsequent 4-hour block and a refundable deposit equal to the fees payable. Both are to be paid before filming.
If extra government personnel or equipment is required to assist in the filming, the actual cost plus overheads will be charged.

PLI Cover: 

Applicants may be required to effect a public liability insurance covering damage to the property and any personal injury or death and to provide the Property Manager with a copy of the policy.


1) The name and logo of the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the property shall not be identified unless prior permission is sought.
2) The nature of the film shall not be a cause of embarrassment to the HKSAR Government, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Housing Department, the property itself or any of its occupants whether they be tenants or their visitors or other invitees or licensees. Nor should it offend the laws of Hong Kong or be of immoral, defamatory or political nature.
3) Shooting of Category III films, be it of violence or pornographic in nature, would not be permitted.
4) Deviation from the vetted script without prior consent is not permitted. If the material supplied is different from what is being filmed on site, Housing Department will reserve the right to take penalty action and future applications of the company will be affected.
5) Filming shall not cause nuisance, disturbance, discomfort or inconvenience to the public.
6) Filming after 2200 hours is normally not accepted.

Compliments to the government and public bodies that have agreed to consider applications to hire premises or facilities under their management for location filming.