Tai O Heritage Hotel  
Shek Tsai Po Street, Tai O, Lantau Island

The Tai O Heritage Hotel, formerly the Old Tai O Police Station, represents the vintage architectural charm of the late 19th century. The hotel consists primarily of 3 sections: a two-storey main building, a two-storey outhouse and a one-storey extension, all of which are of colonial-style architecture. Historical elements and details distinctive to the old police station, such as the cannons, searchlight, corner turrets, dry-goods store and cells, have been restored and refurbished. The hotel also adopts a mix of colonial architectural elements such as a Chinese tiled roof, wooden casement windows, granite steps and French windows. The arched facade, fireplaces and connecting bridge between the main building and the outhouse belong to the early 20th century architecture. Old Tai O Police Station is a Grade II historic building.

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