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Useful Tips on Film-making (2)

Filming of Lion/Dragon/Unicorn Dance

For filming lion/dragon/unicorn dance in public space, production crews should obtain a permit from the Police before the filming. The processing time is 14 days. For application details, please click here.

For enquiries, please contact the Public Order Event Support Section, Police Licensing Office at tel. no.: 2860 6551.

Filming Involving Playing of Musical Instruments in Public Space

If you plan to film in public space (e.g. pedestrian precinct) with the playing of musical instruments, a permit should be obtained from the Police. The processing time is 14 working days. For application details, please click here.

For enquiries, please contact the Liquor and Miscellaneous Licensing Section, Police Licensing Office at tel. no.: 2860 6523 or 2860 6524.

Filming Involving Use of Simulated Logo/Badge/Uniform/Staff Identity Card

If you plan to produce and use simulated Government departmental logo, uniform, badge or staff identity card for filming, please apply to the relevant departments via. the FSO with the filming details, including the artwork of the props concerned, synopsis and scripts of the relevant scene(s). The processing time is normally 7-10 working days.

Reproduction of Hong Kong Currency Notes / Coins for Filming (Props Money)

Prior approval of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) must be sought for reproduction of Hong Kong currency notes or coins from electronic images to physical form for filming in Hong Kong. The processing time is around 2 weeks. For application details, please click here. For enquiries, please contact the HKMA Public Enquiry Service by email at [email protected].

Consent should also be sought from the note-issuing banks concerned or the Information Services Department, Hong Kong SAR Government (for HK$10 notes or coins) for use of their currency notes images for filming.

For reproduction of foreign currency notes for filming, advice of the relevant Consulates-General and Consulates in Hong Kong should be sought before carrying out the works. For use of images of euro banknotes, please read the information on European Central Bank's website. Filmmakers should pay attention to Part XI of the Crimes Ordinance (Cap. 200) of the Laws of Hong Kong regarding counterfeit of currency notes. If you intend to use foreign props money for filming in Hong Kong, please contact the FSO for consultation of the relevant government departments.

Display of National/Regional Flag/Emblem for Filming

For use of national flag, national emblem, regional flag or regional emblem for filming, prior permission should be sought from the Chief Secretary for Administration Office. For details, please visit the Protocol website.

For any application or enquiry, please contact:
Administration Wing, Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
25/F, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong
Tel: 2525 5477
Fax: 2804 6552
Email: flags&[email protected]