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Useful Tips on Film-making (1)

Booking of LCSD Sports Facilities

There are two ways to book LCSD sports facilities for location filming:

  1. Booking via. Online Booking System / Leisure Link Self-Service Kiosk / LCSD Booking Counters
    • Production crews should first contact the respective venue by phone to confirm the availability of a sports facility for filming before making a booking. The completed filming application form together with the filming details and booking receipt should be submitted to LCSD at least 7 working days and not more than 10 days prior to filming.
  2. Advance Booking
    • Production crews who need to secure a sports facility well in advance can make an advance booking 11 days to 3 months before filming by sending in the completed venue booking form and filming application form together with the filming details

Filming Charges for LCSD Sports Grounds

Filming at LCSD Sports Grounds is subject to the following charges –

  1. Filming charges
    • $7,000 for the first 4 hours and $1,770 for each subsequent 4-hour block and a refundable deposit equal to the fees payable.
  2. Venue hiring charges (if applicable)
    • Filming of sports-related content:
      • $140 - $280/ hour
      • $560 - $1,100/ 4 hours
      • $910 - $1,820/ 8 hours
      • Floodlight: $50 - $100/ hour
    • Filming of non-sports-related content:
      • Hong Kong & Kowloon: $5,885/ 4 hour
      • New Territories & Islands:
        $1,700 - $3,390 for the first 2 hours and $850 - $1,695 for each subsequent hour
      • Floodlight: $80 - $150/ hour

Location Filming at Subways/Footbridges near MTR Stations

If you plan to film on subways/footbridges near MTR stations, please check first on whether the subway/footbridge is managed by the MTR Corporation Ltd (MTRCL). Approval should be sought prior to filming on MTRCL’s premises. For details of MTRCL’s subways/footbridges, please click here.

For information on other subways/footbridges in Hong Kong, please contact the FSO.