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Fong Yuen Study Hall  
Tin Liu Village, Ma Wan, Tsuen Wan

How to apply

Fong Yuen Study Hall 01655
Fong Yuen Study Hall - 1
Fong Yuen Study Hall - 2
Fong Yuen Study Hall - 3
Fong Yuen Study Hall - 4
Fong Yuen Study Hall - 5

Fong Yuen Study Hall is located at Tin Liu Village on Ma Wan Island. It was built in the 1920s as a school but closed down in 2003. The study hall is revitalized into Tourism And Chinese Cultural Centre cum Ma Wan Residents Museum. The architectural design of the study hall is a mix of Chinese and Western characteristics. Granite is used for the slope walls on both sides and the rear wall. The Chinese-style threshold is also made of granite. The study hall is mainly designed for the traditional Chinese style, including the carvings of "Po-phase flowers", the Chinese word "Shou" and "reborn knots". The rooftop has parapet walls in the Western style and carved with traditional Chinese auspicious patterns.

Fong Yuen Study Hall is a Grade III historic building and one of the first revitalised historic buildings.

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