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Chong Hing Water Sports Centre, West Sea, Cofferdam, High Island Reservoir, Sai Kung

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Opened in January 2010 and costing $3 million, the Astropark is managed by the Hong Kong Space Museum. The park has an area of about 1,200 sq m and is equipped with Chinese and western astronomical instruments from the ancient times to the modern period, with a stargazing park for star lovers. The park is divided into 3 zones - Educational Zone for day-time use, Naked-eye Observation Area for casual users and Telescopic Observation Area for amateur astronomers. Installed in the Educational Zone are 8 replicas of ancient Chinese astronomical instruments, a shadow sundial that allows visitors to tell the time by using their own shadows projected on the ground and the pavilion with a simulated night sky. The Naked-eye Observation Area are equipped with reclining benches for stargazing. In the Telescopic Observation Area, 4 sets of 20 x 80 binoculars are installed for visitors to view any direction in the sky with ease. It also provides amateur astronomers with 10 telescope piers and 2 star trackers. The park is open 24 hours throughout the year for free.

Pavillion cum Mini-Planetarium, stargazing benches, binoculars, star tracker, telescope pier, etc

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