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Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2)  
Tai Tung Street, Wong Tai Sin

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Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2) 01538
Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2) - 1
Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2) - 2
Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2) - 3
Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2) - 4
Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2) - 5
Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden (Morse Park No. 2) - 6

Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden, formerly a plant nursery in Morse Park, was converted into a garden on the theme of Chinese culture by the Wong Tai Sin District Office with funding from the"District Revitalisation Scheme" in 2007.

Located in a corner of Morse Park, the Garden faces the streets on three sides. Both inside and outside the Garden, the area is flourishing with flowers and plants with a century-old ancient well inside. The western-style Main Square and the Chinese-style Stage at the entrance at Tung Tau Tsuen Road contrast finely with each other. The Tai Chi Square located at the entrance at Tai Tung Street is decorated with the symbols of the Eight Trigrams and the logo of Tai Chi on the ground of the Chess Garden. The two entrances in "square" and "round" shapes respectively are carefully designed to signify the cosmological concept of a dome-like firmament covering the square earth in ancient China. These two scenic spots and a central open area, in the shape of the Chinese character "人" (human beings), denote the spirit of pursuing the unity and the harmony of "sky, earth and human beings" in traditional Chinese culture.

The design of the Garden demonstrates a fine combination of the Chinese and Western styles. While Chinese cultural elements such as the rocks from Taihu (Lake Tai), a century-old ancient well, ancient poetry and calligraphy serve as the main focus of the overall design, the display of Taihu rocks, the restoration of the ancient well and the layout of the calligraphy have adopted western design concepts, enriching the Chinese cultural essence of qin (musical instrument), chess, calligraphy and paintings in the Garden. The layout of pavilions and their functions are based on the design of Chinese-style gardens and architecture whereas minute details of the structures display the architects' good work of blending western architectural culture with the characteristics of modern construction materials. Besides, ample spaces are provided in the Garden.

exhibition wall, courtyard, compass pavilion, the eight trigrams pavilion, ancient well, tai chi square, chess garden, etc

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