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Leung Ancestral Hall  
62 Yuen Kong Tsuen, Pat Heung

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Leung Ancestral Hall 01478
Leung Ancestral Hall - 1
Leung Ancestral Hall - 2
Leung Ancestral Hall - 3
Leung Ancestral Hall - 4
Leung Ancestral Hall - 5
Leung Ancestral Hall - 6

The Leung Ancestral Hall is about 200 years old. It is still used to hold traditional ceremonies such as ancestral worship, lantern ceremony and Autumn ancestral worship, and as a meeting place for clansmen. The Leung Ancestral Hall is a typical Qing vernacular building having a layout of two-hall-one-courtyard. Side chambers are located at both sides of the courtyard. The right side chamber houses a kitchen.

The building is characterized by a façade constructed with granite block base and brick, with finely carved fascia boards and traditional Chinese murals on the top. The stone lintel above the main entrance is engraved with the name of the Ancestral Hall. The roof ridges are decorated with plastered motifs of auspicious animals and patterns like dragon fish, peony, plums and lotus, and its gable walls are adorned with delicate leafy mouldings.

The wooden altar housing the ancestral tablets is placed at the main bay of the rear hall. The altar is richly decorated with colours and carved with a mixture of stylized plants such as plums, bamboo, peony, peach and lotus which represent different seasons to signify the flourishing growth of descendants. Leung Ancestral Hall is a declared monument.

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