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Wisdom Path  
at the foot of Lantau Peak near Ngong Ping, Lantau Island

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Wisdom Path - 1
Wisdom Path - 2
Wisdom Path - 3
Wisdom Path - 4

Opened in May 2005, the Wisdom Path is located at the foot of Lantau Peak near the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. The Wisdom Path is a wooden version of the centuries-old "Heart Sutra" prayer (a treasured Buddhist text) and is the world's largest outdoor wooden replica prayer display. The 260-word wooden replica prayer is a reproduced artwork of the calligraphy by the renowned Chinese scholar, Professor Jao Tsung-I. It is made up of 38 timber columns imported from Africa and forms the shape of "∞". The height and positioning of each column corresponds to the topography. Each timber column bears a portion of the prayer and varies in height from 8 m to 10 m. The timber column located at the hill peak has no inscription to exemplify the idea of "Sunyata" (emptiness). The columns have been treated with nano coating to protect them against fungi and mould. It takes about 10 minutes' trail walk to and from the entrance of Po Lin Monastery where the Big Budda is situated.

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