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Wong Lung Stream  
Lantau North Country Park, Tung Chung

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Wong Lung Stream 01304
Wong Lung Stream - 1
Wong Lung Stream - 2
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Wong Lung Stream - 4
Wong Lung Stream - 5

Wong Lung Stream in Lantau North Country Park is the steepest and most unspoilt mountain stream in Hong Kong. The path on the left of the fire station at Tung Chung New Town leads to Wong Lung Hang Road. Around a 20-minute walk from Chek Lap Kok Village is the lower course of Wong Lung Stream where big rocks scattered around. Around 1.5 hours' walk upstream from the dam at the lower course is the Wong Lung Falls of about 70 ft tall. The pool of Wong Lung Falls is deep and wide. With very clear water and large rocks on the poolside, it is an ideal place for swimming and relaxing.

After around 30 minutes' walk is the Three Dragon Gorge. They are the Left Dragon Falls of about 300 ft, the Right Dragon Falls also of about 300 ft, and the Dragon Tail Falls of about 40 ft. To go to the Dragon Wall Falls, the last falls of Wong Lung Stream, one has to pass through the very difficult path named the Three Perils of Wong Lung. They are the Dragon Trail (a very narrow and rugged trail), the Chimney (an Z-shape trail with wall on one side and cliff on the other side) and the Retreating Snake (so slippery and sheer that even a snake will be scared and has to retreat, and hence the name).

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