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Ping Ka Stream  
Pat Sin Leng Country Park, Tai Po

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Ping Ka Stream - 1
Ping Ka Stream - 2
Ping Ka Stream - 3
Ping Ka Stream - 4

Ping Ka Stream is located in Pat Sin Leng Country Park of North East New Territories. To the north of Pat Sin Range is the biggest pothole zone in Hong Kong. The path on the left of the dam at Nam Chung, Fan Ling leads to the stream. Around a 10-minute walk downstream from the dam are the beautiful Ka Lung Pool Falls. The height is about 15 m. Above the pool, there is a wide expanse of bare flat rock tilted downhill, over which water slides to create a series of 7 potholes, large and small. The 3rd and the 4th potholes are connected to each other at the bottom. One can dive down to swim through one hole into another. The 12 m diameter round deep pool into which the waterfall gildes is actually the 8th pothole in the series.

Near the middle stream are the dam and the Kiu Shan Bridge. On one side of the bridge is a stone tablet engraved with the story of the stream and the bridge.

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