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Wong Shek Pier  
Sai Kung

How To Apply:
No application is required. Please complete the notification form of location filming in public areas and send it by fax to Police Public Relations Branch for record.
(Note: Filming should not disturb/obstruct other users of the public pier. Apply to the Film Services Office if filming will occupy the place for exclusive use.)"
Wong Shek Pier 00909
Wong Shek Pier - 1
Wong Shek Pier - 2
Wong Shek Pier - 3
Wong Shek Pier - 4
Wong Shek Pier - 5
Wong Shek Pier - 6
Wong Shek Pier - 7
Wong Shek Pier - 8
Wong Shek Pier - 9

Wong Shek Pier lies in Sai Kung West Country Park of Sai Kung Peninsula and is next to Wong Shek Barbecue Area and The Jockey Club Wong Shek Water Sports Centre. It provides a view of the rural area in Tap Mun and Ko Lau Wan. During holidays, one can see many colourful surfers sailing on the calm water at Ko Tong Hau in front.

The Pier is in avant-garde design, breaking through the traditional style of public piers. The yellow roof comprises 4 parts of irregular shapes, heights and angles and is supported by columns of different inclinations and diameters. It looks like an undulating mountain chain from a distance view and forms an interesting contrast with the hills nearby. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing design, the overlapping roof of the pier provides a good shelter while letting sunlight in and hot air out.

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