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Sai Kung Country Park  
Sai Kung

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Most of the land surface of the Sai Kung Peninsula, except the village areas, is covered by 2 country parks, namely the Sai Kung East Country Park and the Sai Kung West Country Park, with a total area of about 7,500 hectares. There are 4 country park centres, which are responsible for the development of further facilities, the management of the parks and the prevention of hill fires. The most popular places in the parks are Wong Chuk Wan, Tai Mong Tsai, Pak Tam Chung, Sai Wan, Wong Shek Pier and Cheung Sheung plateau.

Along Tai Mong Tsai Road, from Long Keng to Wong Chuk Wan, barbecue sites are provided at suitable locations for picnickers and families. The "Picnic Garden" at Pak Tam Chung is provided with facilities specially designed for the disabled. The Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre, located at Pak Tam Chung, presents pictorial displays of the natural environment of Sai Kung and its rural development, details of High Island Water Scheme and the characteristics of the country parks. There is an audiovisual room showing short videos on country parks and conservation. It also provides factual information on the facilities and activities available in the Sai Kung Country Parks. In addition, there are 4 country park tree walking trails located in Kei Ling Ha, Pak Tam Chung, Tai Tan and Wong Shek. These are pleasant and relatively short walks. On-site interpretative plates are installed to provide interesting information about the tree species.

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