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Jiao Festival  

How To Apply:
No application is required. Please complete the notification form of location filming in public areas and send it by fax to Police Public Relations Branch for record.
Jiao Festival 00488
Jiao Festival - 1
Jiao Festival - 2
Jiao Festival - 3
Jiao Festival - 4
Jiao Festival - 5
Jiao Festival - 6
Jiao Festival - 7
Jiao Festival - 8
Jiao Festival - 9
Jiao Festival - 10
Jiao Festival - 11
Jiao Festival - 12
Jiao Festival - 13
Jiao Festival - 14
Jiao Festival - 15
Jiao Festival - 16

The Jiao Festival of Cheung Chau (also known as "Bun Festival") held in late March - early April of the lunar calendar is to appease the gods that guard the island and to placate the hungry ghosts of pirates' victims roaming on the island in search of food. In the festival's procession, child performers dressed in costumes of ancient gods are suspended by rods and wires. The exciting bun scrambling competition is one of the festival's highlights.

Da Jiu Festival takes place once in every 60 years in the Sheung Shui community. The latest one was held in Man Kok Village between 6th and 10th March 2006. During the festival, the "Ghost King Parade" will be held. Dozens of the male village dwellers bring the paper-made Ghost King to run around. It is their belief that all ghosts will follow the Ghost King during the parade. People are therefore not allowed to call others' names or the ghosts will go to that people's homes. Besides, women are not allowed to join the parade or they will bring bad luck to their families. The parade is finished by the ritual of burning the Ghost King to send him back to the underworld.

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