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Hungry Ghost Festival  

How To Apply:
No application is required. Please complete the notification form of location filming in public areas and send it by fax to Police Public Relations Branch for record.
Hungry Ghost Festival 00486
Hungry Ghost Festival - 1
Hungry Ghost Festival - 2
Hungry Ghost Festival - 3
Hungry Ghost Festival - 4

The Hungry Ghost Festival is a time-honoured tradition. Behind the festival lies a legend about Mulian who ventured into the hell with food to lure devils away from his mother so that she could finally be rescued from tremendous suffering. To commemorate his story, the 14th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar was made the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Nowadays, the festival is also a major Buddhist and Taoist event. On the day of the festival, many families offer sacrifices to ghosts and seek their blessing. A wide range of activities is held by non-government bodies in various areas, e.g. Kowloon City, from the 13th day to the 20th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar every year. There are activities varying from invocation to gods and parade to worshipping and performances of Chiu Chow Opera. Various papier-mache statues, such as the King of Hell and his bailiffs will be placed in different venues. They symbolise the authority of the nether world and ghosts are not allowed to disturb the living. These rituals attract a lot of people. On the last day of the festival after all the rituals have been accomplished, organisations will distribute the food offerings, including uncooked rice, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is believed that consumption of such food will bring one peace and well-being. Every year thousands of people queue for the blessings, forming one of the most impressive turnouts for the festival.

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