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Tsang Tai Uk  
Sha Tin

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Tsang Tai Uk 00459
Tsang Tai Uk - 1
Tsang Tai Uk - 2
Tsang Tai Uk - 3
Tsang Tai Uk - 4

Tsang Tai Uk is located near to the south of the Pok Hong Estate, not far from the Lion Rock Tunnel Road. It is one of the typical Hakka fortified villages and was built in 1848 as a stronghold for the Tsang Clan. It is the best preserved Hakka fortified village in Sha Tin said to have taken 20 years to build with granite, grey bricks and solid timber.

The house consists of 3 rows of house arranged to form a rectangle. All the houses are interlinked by passages and small courtyards. Embrasures and loopholes were orderly arranged on the fortified walls and defensive towers were built at the four corners to ward off the enemies. There are 3 arched entrances at the northern wall. The main or the ceremonial entrance is in the middle and leads to the ancestral hall in the innermost row of houses. This is where ceremonies take place. In front of the house is a massive courtyard where, in the old days, villagers winnowed and dried their harvest.

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