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Cheung Shan Temple  
Foothill of Wo Keng Shan, Ping Che

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Cheung Shan Temple 00413
Cheung Shan Temple - 1
Cheung Shan Temple - 2
Cheung Shan Temple - 3
Cheung Shan Temple - 4
Cheung Shan Temple - 5
Cheung Shan Temple - 6

Situated at foot hill of Wo King Shan in Ping Che of Ta Kwu Ling, the Cheung Shan Temple was built some 200 years ago for the worship of Buddha. The name of the temple is engraved above the front door. Inside there is a courtyard and a short flight of steps leads to the main hall, and there is a side hall on both sides of the main hall. According to old villagers of Ta Kwu Ling, the temple was jointly built by 6 nearby villages to improve Fung Shui. Records are found in books saying that the temple was once a courier station, where travellers heading north for Guangzhou and students setting off for the imperial examination made a stopover. The most recent comprehensive restoration of the temple took place in 1997, and the temple was declared a monument in the following year.

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