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Tin Hau Temple (Causeway Bay)  
10 Tin Hau Temple Road, Causeway Bay

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Tin Hau Temple (Causeway Bay) 00228
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Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay was built and managed by the Tai family. The exact date of construction is unknown, but the bell inside is dated 1747, and an inscription says the Temple was restored in 1868. The temple is a fine example of temple architecture of that period, still largely in its original form despite subsequent renovations. It was declared a monument in 1982.

Tin Hau, the queen of heaven, is believed to be the guardian of all who are connected with the sea. Before reclamation, the temple stood on the waterfront, visited by fishermen and seafarers who sailed right up to the entrance.

The goddess is enshrined at the centre of the main hall, which is spacious. The left and right wings are roofless and sunlight can reach the main hall. There are 2 more altars at the other end of them. A counter for divination is available too where supplicants can use chim sticks or bui (fortune blocks). The most arresting feature of the temple is the Shiwan ceramic figurines found on the ridge of the temple and the wall of the wings. They are vivacious and lovely. In front of the temple is a podium with a stone incense burning table.

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