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Chuk Lam Sim Yuen  
Fu Yung Shan, Tsuen Wan

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Chuk Lam Sim Yuen originally comprised bamboo mat sheds in 1928. The present elaborate monastery complex was completed in 1982. It is located at Fu Yung Shan in Tsuen Wan, overlooking Rambler Channel and Tsing Yi Island. It is one of the largest monasteries in Hong Kong and frequented by tourists. At the entrance is the colourful archway. Immediately inside the archway is the parking lot. A few steps lead to the Hall of Heavenly Kings. Inside the hall hang the iron-made pennants which clink with the wind. Behind the Hall of Heavenly Kings is the Hall of Temple Guardian. At the back of this hall is a Chinese garden with a huge incense burner and fountains on both sides. The Clock Tower and Drum Tower are on the two sides amid towering trees and scarlet camellia.

The Great Buddha's Hall is a few steps away. It enshrines 3 statues of the Buddha which are awe-inspiring. Golden Louhan statues are on both sides of the hall. A huge statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva is at the back of the hall for the worshippers. Behind the hall is another podium with artificial streams and rocks, as well as flowerbeds. Among these is another statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva. A few more steps onwards is the Hall of Stupa which is the altar for Kshitigabha Bodhisattva. Murals are on the walls of this hall, showing stories from the Buddhist scriptures. On both sides are 2-storey buildings as home for the aged.

The monastery is very spacious and serene. It is different from other monasteries in that the temples were built at different levels linked by steps. Outside each hall are bright red columns which brighten the whole premises. The roomy space and the classical architecture are ideal for costume dramas. However, wide shots are not very appropriate for the housing estates behind the monastery will come in view.

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