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Yee Chun Street Public Toilet  
Yee Chun Street, Sai Kung

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Yee Chun Street Public Toilet 00209
Yee Chun Street Public Toilet - 1
Yee Chun Street Public Toilet - 2

The warm colour scheme of the exterior and interior walls of Yee Chun Street Public Toilet and Bath-house refreshes the outlook. The interior of the toilet is carefully designed. Cheerful colours are employed to impress users. The blue and yellow tiles of the walls brighten up the whole environment to make it look attractive and pleasant.

The modern 2-sided wash-hand basins at the centre are incorporated in vanity benches. 2 back-to-back mirrors slant slightly to look up at the users. They separate 6 basins equally into 2 rows. Since they are not extended to the ceiling with just about the same height of the users, users from both sides of the mirrors can share the capacious space with a seemingly higher ceiling and taller windows.

Water closet compartments, squatting and pedestal types of water closets, pedal type flushing system with hidden flushing cisterns, hand-grip rails (provided in squatting type toilet to assist elderly persons), stainless steel trough type urinals, stainless steel lift-up grating standing platform, wash-hand basins incorporated in vanity benches, moulded as single unit (i.e. without joints between basin and bench top), electronic sensor taps, stainless steel mirrors, soap dispensers, electric hand dryers, deodorizing system, etc

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