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Fire Services Department - Ambulance  

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Fire Services Department - Ambulance - 1
Fire Services Department - Ambulance - 2
Fire Services Department - Ambulance - 3
Fire Services Department - Ambulance - 4

There are 3 models of standard ambulance, namely the Mercedes-Benz 416CDI, Mercedes-Benz 416CDI with side door and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 414. Model 414 has a seating capacity of 10 while the two versions of 416CDI have 4 and 7 respectively. All are air-conditioned. They are equipped with advanced medical equipment to provide paramedic services and enable ambulance crews to render on-site advanced treatment to patients.

For an air-conditioned Ambulance Land Rover, there are 2 bodyside windows with heavy duty front, rear suspension and a seating capacity of 5 persons. It is deployed to countryside areas where road topography is rough and access of normal standard ambulance is denied.

A Village Ambulance is designed to carry one patient on board and is equipped with basic life supporting equipment. It is deployed to off-shore islands of Hong Kong where geographical topography restricts the use of normal standard ambulance.

A Light Ambulance is comparatively smaller than town ambulances but its engine capacity is exactly the same. It is tasked to respond to ambulance cases originating from the village areas where the access roads are narrower.

Standard life resuscitating equipment such as oxygen regulatory system, defibrillator, etc

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