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Cheung Chau  
Cheung Chau

How To Apply:
No application is required. Please complete the notification form of location filming in public areas and send it by fax to Police Public Relations Branch for record.
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Cheung Chau is a dumb-bell shaped island lying in the southwestern part of Hong Kong, with population situated mainly at the central waist of the "dumb-bell". It is one of the oldest settled parts of Hong Kong with prosperity based on fishing. All the population and activities concentrate near the ferry pier behind the breakwater.

The waterfront road, or Praya Street, is an ideal location to capture a harmonious image of a lovingly red sunset and a silhouette of the village. Concrete paths cover the entire island. However, as in Lamma, no cars are allowed here.

The island is also famous for its annual 4-day Jiao Festival of Cheung Chau (also known as "Bun Festival") in late April/early May held since a series of plagues in the 18th and 19th centuries. The festival is held to appease the vengeful spirits of those wrongly killed by the pirates that frequented Cheung Chau. During the festival, outside Pak Tei Temple, several sets of scaffolding are erected, each around 20 m high and topped with pink or white buns. The other great draw of the festival is the teams of costumed children riding on floats through the streets, some of their peers glide over the crowds by walking on stilts. It is also well renowned as the home of the first Hong Kong Olympic gold medal winner, Ms LI Lai-san, who practised wind-surfing at Cheung Chau.

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