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Sha Tin Town Hall  
Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin

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Sha Tin Town Hall is recognised as one of Hong Kong's finest performing art centres. It is also the heart of culture in the east of the New Territories. It is a well-designed red complex with integrated facilities giving people opportunities to enjoy culture and arts in a relaxing environment.

The auditorium is reputed for its excellent facilities. It is designed for easy conversion from a concert hall layout to a proscenium layout for theatrical performances.

Below the podium outside Sha Tin Town Hall, there is a 30 m wide concrete staircase leading to the plaza. The outdoor plaza is a hiring unit for exhibitions or performing arts programmes. In vicinity to the New Town Plaza, it can attract visitors of the shopping mall to come and stay. Interestingly, local people gradually take the staircase as an ideal sitting out area. Filmmakers can therefore take snap shots of local people who are enjoying time there in groups or alone.

Auditorium (1,372 seats), cultural activities hall, exhibition gallery, dance studio, music studio, lecture rooms, conference room, practice room, reception lounge, car park, Chinese restaurant and foyer

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