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Hong Kong Stadium  
Eastern Hospital Road, So Kon Po, Happy Valley

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Hong Kong Stadium was formerly known as Government Stadium. The original 28,000-seater stadium was built in 1952 with a small seating capacity. In 1994, the stadium was redeveloped into a new international venue. Being a venue for mass entertainment events, it enables the Hong Kong public to enjoy both local and international events, for instance, variety shows, local or international music concerts, regional and international sports events, charity events, religious events, corporate gatherings, etc.

There is a 12,470 sq m grassland (145 m x 86 m). The covered tiered seating is divided into 3 levels, namely, the upper level providing 18,647 seats, the executive level 3,153 seats and the main level 18,240 seats (including seats for the disabled for 48 spectators and pitch seating for 6,000 spectators).

There are permanent camera points at different levels on 3 sides of the stadium, which can fully cover the whole venue. With a camera angle facing a mountain view in the south, the stadium can be portrayed as any international venue. The stadium is well lit at night and looks like a golden shell shining with a glittering pearl.

Restaurant, shop, escalator, toilet, telephone, information booth, passenger lift, service lift, lounge, media centre, store room, medical room, trash room, loading dock, police duty room, small multi-use room, locker, reception, staff canteen, tunnels, TV outdoor broadcast van parking, physiotherapy room, VIP dressing room, etc

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