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Hong Kong is a global communications hub, with some of the best network infrastructure in the world.

International direct dialling is available to over 250 places around the world. The penetration rates of both fixed and mobile services are among the highest in the world.

The mobile broadband services have been developing rapidly and mobile and broadband services are widely available.  As of November 2016, there were 223 internet service providers and over 44 000 Wi-Fi hotspots providing public Wi-Fi services throughout Hong Kong.  Free Wi-Fi services are also available at about 600 Government premises.

Information Services Department

The Information Services Department (ISD) provides a link between the Government, the media and the public through the dissemination of news and public relations materials.

The ISD provides information and advice on conditions and procedures for filming of news and public affairs programmes in Hong Kong. For assistance, please contact the ISD Duty Officer at 2842 8747 (24-hour service).

Newspapers And Magazines

As at November 2016, a total of 51 daily newspapers and 642 periodicals are published in Hong Kong, some of which are distributed for free.  

Chinese-language newspapers are the most popular of all. There are two local English-language newspapers – South China Morning Post and The Standard. The Standard is distributed for free. Editions of the Financial Times, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, The New York Times International Edition, USA Today International and The NIKKEI are published daily in Hong Kong.

Periodicals cover numerous topics from economics, cars, entertainment and food to public affairs, travel, business, etc.

Sound and Television Broadcasting

Hong Kong has 13 analogue radio channels: three operated by Commercial Radio, three by Metro Broadcast and seven by Radio Television Hong Kong (the public service broadcaster).  Among the 13 channels, seven are Cantonese channels, four English, one Putonghua channel and one bilingual (English & Cantonese).  In addition to analogue radio channels, digital audio broadcasting (“DAB”) operators provide a number of DAB channels.

There are four types of TV broadcasting services in Hong Kong: domestic free TV programme services, domestic pay TV programme services, non-domestic TV programme services, and other licensable TV programme services.  As of October 2016, Hong Kong has three domestic free TV broadcasters, three domestic pay TV broadcasters, 17 non-domestic TV broadcasters and 24 licensees who are operating other licensable TV programme services for hotels in Hong Kong.

For details about the local sound and TV broadcasting industries, please visit the website of the Communications Authority at