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Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers

The Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers was established in 2002. Its members include the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Guild, Hong Kong Screen Writers’ Guild, Society of Cinematographers (HK), Hong Kong Film Arts Association, Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association, Hong Kong Cinematography Lighting Association, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Hong Kong Stuntman Association, Society of Film Editors (HK) and Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals.

It aims to:

  • uphold and safeguard the rights and interests of Hong Kong filmmakers;

  • improve Hong Kong's film production environment; and

  • voice the views of the industry and act as a bridge between the industry and the HKSAR Government and other parties.

In 2004, it launched the “Film Titles and Scripts Registration Service” for non-published film productions so as to safeguard the rights of creators.

Federation of Motion Film Producers Of Hong Kong

Formed in 1964, the Federation works to encourage, promote and protect the interests of producers and the film industry in Hong Kong. It is also concerned with legislation and measures affecting the interests of producers and the elevation of artistic standards of Hong Kong cinema. The Federation submits Hong Kong entries annually to the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the Foreign Language Film Award category of the Oscars.

Hong Kong Chamber of Films

The Hong Kong Chamber of Films was founded in 2006. Members include China Star HK Entertainment Co Ltd, Emperor Motion Picture Enterprise Ltd, Filmko Entertainment Ltd, Media Asia Film Production Ltd, Mei Ah Film Production Co Ltd, Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Co Ltd, Pegasus Motion Pictures Production Ltd, Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd and Universe Entertainment Ltd.

Its objectives are to:

  • express film investors’ views and to uphold and safeguard their rights and interests; and

  • act as a bridge between the film industry and the HKSAR Government by expressing the industry's opinions on matters such as copyrights and other issues so as to seek Government support for the industry.

Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA)

The MPIA was established in 1986 to:

  • promote and protect the rights and interests of people in the motion picture industry and combat intellectual property right infringements;

  • represent the motion picture industry to express and substantiate views and opinions on matters concerning the motion picture industry;

  • represent the motion picture industry in dealing with the HKSAR Government and authorities in other countries;

  • communicate with motion picture industry associations around the world to advance, promote and protect the motion picture industry; and

  • instigate legal proceedings on behalf of any member of the Association or anybody in the motion picture industry against any infringement of copyright or other rights.

Any company or individual engaged in film production or activities directly related to film production may become an MPIA member. The Association has 130 members, including producers, distributors and exhibitors, as well as directors, scriptwriters, film critics and production executives. Films produced and exhibited among its members cover over 85% of the market.

The MPIA established the first film registration and copyright authentication system in 1993. That year, the National Copyright Administration of China appointed the MPIA as the sole copyright authentication body for Hong Kong film copyright. The MPIA's Certificate of Royalty is recognised by many countries.

In 2002, the MPIA set up the first Online Film Copyright Database for information of the general public and law enforcement authorities locally and overseas. MPIA also compiles the daily box office report, promotes Hong Kong cinema and copyright protection.

Movie Producers and Distributors Association of Hong Kong (MPDA)

The MPDA was set up in 1979. Its members include motion picture and audio-visual companies in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Its services include:

  • providing professional advice, technical support, and arbitration services relating to the production and distribution of audio, visual and multi-media productions, locally and internationally;

  • providing professional advice to the HKSAR Government and Mainland China authorities on issues such as copyright protection and piracy;

  • assisting and supporting related organisations such as the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to organise film-related events in Hong Kong and abroad to promote the Hong Kong film industry; and

  • issuing certificates including Certificate(s) of Copyright Ownership, Distribution Rights and Hong Kong Motion Picture Origin, which are necessary documents for application for Hong Kong Service Supplier Certificates for import of Chinese language motion pictures produced in Hong Kong, under the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), and for import permits overseas.