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Online Submission

E-Notification of Location Filming in Public Pedestrian Precincts
申請人資料 Particulars of Applicant
公司名稱 :
Name of Company
聯絡人 :
Contact Person
職位 :
地址 :
聯絡資料 :
Contact Details

(辦公室電話 Office Tel. No.)

(手提電話 Mobile Phone No.)

(傳真 Fax)

(電郵 E-mail)
拍攝詳情 Particulars of Filming
製作名稱 :
Title of Production
製作類別 (請選擇一項) :
Type of Production
(Please select one)
電影 Film
電視 TV
廣告 Advertisement
其他,請註明 Others, please specify :
拍攝地點 (請選擇一項) :
Filming Location
(Please select one)

全日時間行人專用區 Full-time Pedestrian Precinct
部分時間行人專用區 Part-time Pedestrian Precinct
Please attach a map of exact filming location(s)
拍攝日期 :
Filming Date
拍攝時間 :
Filming Time
拍攝內容 :
Scenes to be Shot
拍攝隊伍人數及演員 :
No. of Crew Members and Cast
拍攝時會否使用大型布景、道具及/或器材 :
Will there be any large props / sets and / or
filming equipment used during filming
會 Yes
請列明數量及擺放位置(附草圖) Please specify the quantity and exact position(s) (Attach a sketch map)
不會 No
附件 :
確實拍攝位置圖 Map of exact filming location
大型布景、道具/器材草圖 Sketch map of large props / sets / filming

* 請在適當方格內加「
」號。 Please insert a "
" in the appropriate box.

遞交日期 :
Date of Submission
Verification Code :

Guidelines for Location Filming in Public Pedestrian Precincts



When filming in full-time/part-time public pedestrian precincts, production companies are advised to notify the Film Services Office (FSO) of the filming to take place. Without a notification, the filming may be affected by other activities held by other parties that have already reserved the site.
The completed notification form should be submitted by fax or email at least 5 working days (more working days are required for filming of larger scale and complicated nature such as filming with large props/set and bulky equipment) in advance of the filming. Filming should be avoided during peak hours when the street is crowded with visitors or hawking activities.
The FSO will circulate the notification to the Lands Department for enquiry of any other activity scheduled at the time as applied, Transport Department and Hong Kong Police Force for assessing the impact on pedestrian traffic flows, and other relevant Government departments where appropriate for comment.
The film crew is required to comply with conditions for the filming as imposed by relevant departments, if any. The FSO will inform the production company accordingly. If the filming or the film crew is in breach of or non-compliance with any condition as imposed, the no-objection in principle notice given for the filming will be revoked immediately.
Filming should not affect the safety and mobility of pedestrians. To block up parts or whole of pedestrian accesses for filming is not allowed except with prior approval for filming with lane/road closure arrangements. Adequate crowd control staff wearing fluorescent vests for easy identification should be provided during filming.
Vehicles are prohibited from entering pedestrianisation areas except under special circumstances and with relevant permits. When the use of filming vehicles is a must (e.g. picture cars), the production company should apply to the Transport Department for relevant permits at least 3 weeks in advance of the shooting. The entering and departing of filming vehicles should be done with extra care. Except with a lane/road closure arrangement, filming vehicles must not be set in motion (except when entering or departing) inside any pedestrian precincts to avoid causing danger to pedestrians and/or damage to the pavement not designed for vehicular loading.
If parking of filming/power vehicles outside the pedestrianisation area is required, the applicant shall apply to the FSO for separate approval.
Pedestrian gates are normally erected at the entrance and exit of pedestrian precincts during the pedestrianisation hours. Prior approval must be obtained from the Highways Department via the FSO for temporary removal of pedestrian gates for filming purposes, such as entering and departing of filming vehicles, props/sets and/or bulky equipment. The pedestrian gates shall be reinstated in position by the film crew immediately after entering and departing of filming vehicles, props/sets and/or bulky equipment through the gate locations.
Filming should not cause any inconvenience to pedestrians and shop operators nearby. Affected local businesses and management offices of nearby buildings should be notified in writing in advance of the filming to seek their support and co-operation.
Excavation on public pavement is not permitted unless an Excavation Permit is obtained from the Highways Department.
The concerned production company shall fully indemnify the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, costs, demands and expenses which may be against the Government as a result of the filming activities.
The film crew should clear up the scene after filming. The applicant will be held responsible for the damage caused to the road and the street furniture e.g. railings, traffic signs, lighting posts, etc. due to the filming operations.

For enquiries, please contact the Film Services Office at
Tel : 2594 5759
Fax : 2824 0595
Email : [email protected]

14) For locations and operation hours of the pedestrianisation areas in various districts, please visit the website of Transport Department at